Media Pack

Welcome to the Delta 8 CBD Gummies Online Magazine Media Pack! Here you will find comprehensive information about our magazine, audience demographics, advertising opportunities, and pricing. We appreciate your interest in partnering with us to reach our engaged community of Delta 8 CBD enthusiasts.

About Delta 8 CBD Gummies Online Magazine:

Delta 8 CBD Gummies Online Magazine is a trusted online publication dedicated to providing the latest news, insights, and resources about Delta 8 CBD gummies. Our content covers a wide range of topics, including product reviews, usage tips, health benefits, legal considerations, and more. We strive to deliver accurate, unbiased, and reliable information to help our readers make informed decisions about Delta 8 CBD gummies.

Audience Demographics:

Our readership consists of individuals who are actively seeking information, recommendations, and high-quality products related to Delta 8 CBD gummies. Here are some key demographics of our audience:

  • Age Range: 25-45 years
  • Gender: Male and Female (55% Male, 45% Female)
  • Geographic Reach: Primarily United States (80%), with a growing international readership
  • Interests: Health and wellness, CBD products, natural remedies, alternative medicine, holistic living, and cannabis culture

Advertising Opportunities:

  1. Banner Advertisements:
    • Leaderboard (728×90 pixels)
    • Skyscraper (160×600 pixels)
    • Rectangle (300×250 pixels)
  2. Sponsored Content:
    • Engage our readers with informative and engaging sponsored articles tailored to your brand, products, or services.
  3. Product Reviews:
    • Have our expert reviewers provide an honest assessment and share their experience with our readers, highlighting the unique features and benefits of your Delta 8 CBD gummies.
  4. Brand Collaborations:
    • Collaborate with us on exclusive content, events, or promotions to create memorable experiences for our readers while promoting your brand.


Our advertising rates are competitive and tailored to suit your specific requirements and budget. Please reach out to our advertising team at [email protected] to receive our detailed pricing structure and discuss customized packages. We offer flexibility to accommodate your marketing goals and objectives.

Additional Information:

  • Ad Placements: Advertisements will be strategically placed on our website to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Ad Design: Advertisements should be provided in high-resolution formats (JPEG, PNG, or GIF). We also offer ad design services upon request.

Contact Us:

To request our Media Pack, discuss advertising opportunities, or inquire about customized packages, please contact our advertising team at [email protected] We are excited to collaborate with you and help you effectively reach your target audience in the Delta 8 CBD gummies community.

Thank you for considering Delta 8 CBD Gummies Online Magazine as your advertising partner. We look forward to working together to achieve your marketing goals.


The Advertising Team at Delta 8 CBD Gummies Online Magazine